3Pillars are human performance and resilience experts, with over 80 years combined military and corporate leadership experience. 

We believe that organisational resilience is directly built through 3 pillars; proactive leadership, the development of an informed, reactive and mentally healthy company culture and physical wellbeing. A company culture that supports employees with grit. 

We support you to establish and maintain resilience across your company through remote or in-person mental health training, fitness programmes and leadership development.



We can host all of our courses and training packages online, through whatever platform best suits your company, to provide quick and easily accessible support and remote learning to your employees, be they at home or in an office. 

In these unprecedented times, we remotely support your company and employees. The skills and tools we help you build, hold life long value and will help your company respond to the challenges and stresses of any demanding, fast paced work environment going forward.



Organisations with rapid growth, changing cultures and high value stakes need reactive and adaptive strategies to effectively lead a dynamic workforce. We work with you to build resilience and optimise performance through the development of Ethos, Mental and Physical Resilience, whilst prioritising the wellbeing of every employee.


Mental Health and resilience training, courses and refreshers accredited by Mental Health England.


Bespoke leadership packages to develop training and strategies that fit along side your schedule and support your team.


Physical fitness programmes to support physical wellbeing & resilience across the organisation.


Mike Crofts, CEO

3Pillars founder and former army officer, Mike enjoys building strong and resilient teams. His strategic vision and leadership underpin our values and ethos. His drive to see people succeed led him to create our partner charity 3Pillars Project, and now he brings this to the corporate world with 3Pillars Wellbeing. Mike has an MRes in Strategy & Security.

Cheryl Campling, Resilience + Mental Health Trainer

Cheryl served over 30 years in the Armed Forces as a Personnel Recovery Officer, supporting wounded and sick soldiers with physical and cognitive impairments, PTSD and mental health difficulties. She is currently a Senior Mental Health practitioner for the NHS and ambulance service.

our team

Peter McIntyre, Ops Lead and coach

Peter served in the British Army for 40 years and experienced the full effect of Service life from private soldier to Lieutenant Colonel. Since leaving the Army, Peter has worked as a consultant, working closely with executive teams, supporting and developing strategy and leadership. Peter is a qualified psychotherapist and holds an MBA.

Gary Davies-Ebsworth,

Resilience Trainer

Gary is a consultant mental health nurse and a lead mental health consultant in the NHS and ambulance services. He previously ran several psychological trauma units in the UK.

Steve Metcalf, Mental Health Trainer

Steve is a leading mental health and resilience trainer - with 33 years British Army experience he rose from Trooper to become a Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the London Rehabilitation Unit. Steve is an expert trainer in Mental Health First Aid and ASIST suicide prevention courses, he currently trains media companies, NHS, Ministry of Justice, JustEat, WeWork and ClearScore.

Krissy Brooks, Chief of Staff

Krissy joins 3 Pillars from a background in public affairs and work with refugees across the MENA region, with experience delivering trauma therapy and mental health workshops for Syrian refugees in Jordan. 


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