Getting your team active is the simplest way to improve organisational performance...

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

Exercise could be the simplest way to improve your team's mental health...

Developing a physically health workplace is one of the most singularly overlooked opportunities for you to improve the performance of your organisation.
Forged from experience of leadership in Afghanistan and business and charity sectors, 3Pillars have committed to intelligent physical wellbeing packages as a central pillar to our three pillared performance model. 
Modern workplaces have embedded sedentary practices, more disconnected from the benefits of physical work than ever. Within an interconnected workplace, employees face faster demands and shorter deadlines in the race for success. Companies must get their staff active, more now than ever before...
This is a bold and easy statement to make, but there is clear rationale why your organisation should champion exercise....
-Exercise improves the physical health of your team; a study of 1.44 million participants by the American Cancer Society found that exercise reduced the risk of 13 types of cancer, it also significantly improved the quality of life of cancer patients.
-Mental resilience and wellbeing is boosted by physical activity. MIND cite the ability of exercise to help us manage stress, anxiety and to sleep properly. Exercise gives us focus and an important sense of control, and it releases endorphins which boost mood.
-3Pillars believe your team's performance is improved with physical activity, especially when you do this as a group. 3Pillars CEO Mike Crofts states that "the shared camaraderie of overcoming physical challenges as a team breaks down social barriers and enhances team integration". What is more, positive physical health generates greater energy and boosts the immune system, and a happier mentally resilient team are better able to tackle challenges at work.
Physical health must be a greater consideration of your organisation's wellbeing. Office workers now spend more time than ever- 1,700 hours a year at their screens. Hardworking employees need cultures that encourage regular moderate exercise to tackle the associated health challenges of sedentary work, not just health insurance and medical care packages. 
3Pillars has placed physical wellbeing as a central pillar in enhancing high performing cultures, informed by years of experience in high pressure situations. As our understanding of mental wellbeing and team performance grows, organisations will increasingly see the link between developing physically active workplaces and building the mental wellbeing and ethos of your team.

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