Are leadership styles old, outdated and irrelevant in this new era of Covid working?!

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2020

A deliberately provocative headline. Of course leadership styles still exist, even with remote working.

We all have a favoured styles of leadership, but how often do you consider that you need to adjust that style according to your team?

As August arrived, we decided to develop our existing programmes and how we look at Leadership in a Covid world. The process has unearthed some fresh partnerships as well as forced a little re learning.

Existing models are valuable, arguably you need to engage with this type of theory even more whilst you are dislocated from your team.

The Hersey Blanchard Situational Leadership model, helps leaders to consider not only their own behaviour, but that of their teams too. Each person needs different engagement, both because of their personality, but also because of their experience.

For H-B, less experienced staff need more frequent check ins, direct guidance and support. The more experienced need more general objectives and benefit from delegation. 

Given the changes in home working and remote delivery, this sense of empowerment and freedom perhaps needs to be embraced even more. It may feel uncomfortable, but the wind seems to be blowing one way on the issue.

As a leader, don't be afraid to loosen the reins and encourage greater ownership from junior staff. Likewise, there will be times when your experienced staff need moral support and your participation, both intellectually and with confidence and emotional encouragement. Being remote doesn't remove the need for the latter.

Being able to judge and vary this engagement will bolster your leadership effectiveness and with any luck, drive your team on.


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