Our Resilience Ethos 


Resilience is a key component for employees to thrive in a dynamic and demanding workplace, rooted in an informed awareness of mental health and physical health.  


Our Resilience Building Approach

  • Organisations with rapid growth, changing cultures & high value stakes need reactive and adaptive strategies to effectively lead and manage a young workforce.

  • Empowering and strengthening the mental, physical and cultural foundations of an organisation ensures a positive and productive environment for the whole organisation. 

  • 3Pillars mental health and resilience trainers design and implement a programme of in-work engagement and training sessions, to equip you with the tools to enhance the resilience of your team.

  • Our course has been developed by leading resilience and mental health consultants, who bring over 60 years of work training the NHS and military in work place resilience.


How we support your organisation to build resilience...


  • Analyse and identify innate resilience to build on.

  • Identify workplace challenges.

  • Implement company resilience strategy.


Download our toolkit for mental wellbeing whilst working from home


Mental Health & Resilience in the Workplace


Work-related stress, depression and anxiety are large and serious contributors to workplace illness and employee burnout. The impact of this on an organisation is huge.


 In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at any one time, including in the workplace. Many employers do not understand enough about the topic and so can do little to help, which often results in a person’s mental health worsening


Our Approach to Mental Health and Resilience

  • We train and equip peers and managers across an organisation, to respond effectively to mental health issues. 


  • We equip your organisation, as teams and as individuals, with the knowledge and toolset to take mental health action.

  • All our courses are accredited by Mental Health England and taught by trainers with over 30 years experience of mental health support.


Our Mental Health Model



Develop the ability to identify early symptoms of mental health issues + feel confident signposting others + developing personal strategies



Create an in house group of first aiders and champions to advocate best practice.



Support staff within the organisation who have responsibility for others. We call this 'Supervision'.



Continuous development & learning; refresher training drives improvement.


Leadership Development


Nearly one third of employees reportedly don't trust management. Strong leadership motivates employees, improves productivity and creativity. It is even more crucial in times of challenge, when uncertainty can affect the most resilient of organisations. Leadership develops over time, to support and steer the uniqueness of each organisation, it is an investment, in people and a company.  


How We Support Your Leadership Development

  • Leadership needs to adapt to the new challenges and changing demands of today's fast paced work environment, both new and established leadership.

  • Rapid growth across an organisation and high value stakes require investment in new leaders, to equip them to effectively manage new management challenges.

  • Good leadership steers the evolution of a company culture as organisations grow.


Our Leadership Model:


We work with your organisation to develop adaptive leadership strategies through:


  • Organisational resilience audit
  • Individual Leadership coaching
  • Implementation of coaching methodologies
  • Team dynamics & communication training.



Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing is a fundamental component of mental wellbeing and an important part of individual and team resilience.


How We Support Your Physical Wellbeing

  • Regular exercise has a profoundly positive effect on a persons' mental wellbeing and their ability to manage stress.

  • 3Pillars' fitness programmes are structured to support the development of employees wellbeing and resilience, simultaneously improving physical wellbeing and team ethos.

  • We provide HIIT conditioning circuits and boxing programmes, coached by former professional boxers, in your place of work or online.

  • 3Pillars' fitness programmes are structured to support the development of an employee's performance, wellbeing and resilience, simultaneously improving physical health and team effectiveness


Our Fitness model:


We work with your organisation to create physical wellbeing & performance programmes that support overall resilience and cater to every level of activity.

  • HIIT Conditioning
  • Boxing Academy
  • Bespoke Team Adventures



Our Team


 Mike Crofts

CEO and Founder

3Pillars founder and former  army officer, Mike enjoys building strong and resilient teams. His strategic vision and leadership underpin our values and ethos. His drive to see people succeed led him to create our partner charity 3Pillars Project, and now he brings this to the corporate world with 3Pillars Wellbeing. Mike has an MRes in Strategy & Security.


Krissy Brooks

Chief of Staff

Krissy joins 3 Pillars from a background in public affairs and work with refugees across the MENA region. With experience delivering trauma therapy and mental health workshops for Syrian refugees in Jordan, she oversees the day to day running and coordination of all programmes.


Steve Metcalf

Mental Health Trainer

Steve is a leading mental health and resilience trainer working with digital media, tech, finance and public sector organisations alike. With 33 years British Army experience he rose from Trooper to become a Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the London Rehabilitation Unit.


Peter McIntyre

Ops lead and leadership coach

Peter served in the British Army for 39 years and experienced service life from Private soldier to Lieutenant Colonel. Since leaving the Army, Peter has worked as a consultant, working closely with executive teams, supporting and developing strategy and leadership. Peter has an MBA and is a qualified psychotherapist.


Hannah Baumer

Programme Development

Hannah, a chartered forensic psychologist, has significant experience developing programmes to enhance the coping skills of individuals in high pressure environments. She develops our programmes, and has extensive experience working in collaboration with government and academia.


Lamahl Siddens

Sports Performance Coach

Lamahl is an Assistant coach with 3Pillars Project, bringing a wealth of experience in sport and sports coaching. A keen footballer in his youth, Lamahl played for West Ham Juniors. He is a Level 1 FA football coach and also a Level 2 qualified gym instructor.


Steve O'Meara

Sports Performance Coach

A former professional boxer, National Amateur Champion and Level 3 Personal Trainer, Steve joins 3Pillars as a Coach. He is also a qualified Mental Health First Aider and Choice Theory Mentor. Steve brings unique athletic ability, mentorship and motivational disposition to the team.

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