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Develop resilient leadership


Develop resilient leadership

3 Pillars’ programme was developed drawing on personal experience from the Military, Charity and Industry sectors. A resilient organisation is developed by its leadership. We believe this should be practiced across an organisation, and led from the top down. 


Support leadership development across every tier of your organisation


Support new leaders to develop management tools for the evolving workplace.

Adventure + challenge

Build resilient, high performance teams through adventure and challenge


Mental Health

We train and equip peers and managers across an organisation, to respond effectively to mental health issues. A Mental Health first aiders network is created throughout the company.

We equip your organisation, as teams and as individuals, with the knowledge and toolset to take mental health action.


Widely used by healthcare providers, ASIST equips participants to recognise when someone may have thoughts of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety.

Mental Health First Aid Training 

Mental Health First Aid is a 2 day course building an understanding of mental health and the toolkit to sensitively support and respond to mental health issues and crisis

bespoke CONSULTING  Course design & delivery

3Pillars partners with a company to understand their specific requirements, designing a strategy to support company specific challenges and delivering the training and knowledge to affect lasting impact.

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